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We are currently offering a Free Can Acupuncture Help Me Consultation to determine if acupuncture is a suitable treatment option for you. To claim yours please fill in the contact details in the box and we will be in touch to book you in.

If you are curious about acupuncture and would like to know if it could help you this is your chance to meet one of our practitioners, see the clinic, and the rooms where treatments take place. More importantly it's an opportunity for you to find out if acupuncture is a viable option for you without you having to make any financial outlay. We will briefly go over your general health, the issue/s you are suffering with and your expectations of treatment. If your practitioner feels your symptoms are something we can treat, we will inform you of the next steps at this session, and you can decide from there if you would like to become one of our patients.

To claim your Free Can Acupuncture Help Me Consultation please fill in your details in the contact box and we will be in touch to book you in.

Are you fed up of being told your symptoms are normal when you know you don't feel right?

Have you been to your GP, maybe seen specialists yet you're still suffering?

Do you want to stop relying on prescription drugs?

Do you want a natural solution to be Happy, Healthy & Pain Free?

We are here to help!

Our mission is to deliver high quality comprehensive and holistic treatment plans whilst maintaining the highest standards of care, professionalism and safety to transform the lives of people like you; helping you to achieve a happy, healthy and pain free state.

We are a trusted provider of healthcare in Garstang and surrounding areas, improving the quality of lives for 100s and 100s of people per year.

We offer a 1:1 service which includes acupuncture, other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities and diet and lifestyle advice.

We can show you how your symptoms can be resolved/controlled so that you can live a happier, healthier life with no pain, naturally.

We Make Your Health & Well-being Our Priority

YOU and your heath and well-being are our priority here at The Acupuncture Lounge. We take the time to listen to you to find out the details of what has been going on with your health and well-being, we combine this information with Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and examinations to determine the root cause of your symptoms.

We achieve results where others have not, by not only determining the root cause of the symptoms linked to your main complaint, but by also understanding the connection of the root cause to all current symptoms you have that might seem seemingly unrelated.

Once we have the necessary information we make a clear diagnosis and devise comprehensive and holistic treatment plans targeted at the root of your problem, plus the symptoms so you can be the old happy, healthy and pain free you again!

We Will Provide You With Consistent Care

The key to eliciting any change in your life, health and well-being is consistency, and this is especially important with acupuncture as it has a cumulative effect. We only take on a limited number of patients at any one time, should you choose to become a patient here at The Acupuncture Lounge we put systems in place to ensure you have access to treatments as frequently as you need them, and on a day and time that works for you within clinic hours. No more needing an appointment next week and not being able to come!

If we sound like the people that could help you transform your Health, Happiness & Pain feel free to come along and meet one of our practitioners for a FREE no obligation Can Acupuncture Help Me Consultation. You can claim yours by filling in your details in the contact box and we will be in touch to book you in.

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FREE Can Acupuncture Help Me Consultation.

Fed up of feeling Unhappy, Unhealthy or in Pain? 

We've helped 100's of people just like you, to be Happy, healthy & Pain Free! Wondering if we could help you? Book our FREE Can Acupuncture Help Me Consultation.


Or fill in the details in the boxes below, write Free Consultation in the message box and what you need help with, we will then contact you to get you booked in. 

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