Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

How Are You Feeling - Waahooo or Aaachooo?

It's April, that means two things, well three actually... In fact four for me! 

1. Its Spring :)
2. It's been Easter :D
3. The pollen count is rising :(
4. It's my younger daughter's birthday this month - she's 5 now - already ;/

The days are lighter and longer, we've all been waiting for this haven't we? Unless you have the dreaded hayfever then it's the promise of pleasure, energy and happiness washed away with excess mucus, sneezes and itches!! 

Guess what it's not just hayfever that flares up in spring, other atopic conditions such as allergies, eczema and asthma tend to flare up. But other conditions tend to manifest more too including stress, muscle tension, PMS, headaches and hypertension. 

Why I hear you ask? Well from a Chinese Medicine perspective Spring is the season associated with the Liver and Gallbladder organ systems. The Liver/Gallbladder are important at regulating blood pressure, in addition an irritable liver due to imbalances can cause something we call Liver Qi Stagnation causing lots of tension both physically and mentally.

As an acupuncturist you don't say your teenager/husband/wife etc is touchy or irritable we say his/her Liver Qi is Stagnated (stuck therefore not flowing smoothly) and give them some acupuncture aimed at soothing the liver and moving the Qi to regain balance again. 

If you find you are suffering why not give acupuncture a try, I'm offering 10% off the usual cost of treatments to those of you that get in touch off the back of this blog in the next 7 days :)  

All you have to do is email me info@theacupuncturelounge.co.uk, send me a message on facebook www.facebook.com/theacupuncturelounge.co.uk or call/text 07736449220 and I will get you booked in :)
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Do you or anybody you know suffers from IBS? Do you know you/they don't have to suffer a moment longer? It can be resolved I've helped lots of people resolve their IBS so they are symptom free and can get back to living their life to the full instead of worrying about food, toilets, pain, fatigue etc. 

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Wishing you Health & Happiness,

Emma x 

Emma Kemp 
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Some of My Latest Success Stories

2 Year History Of Sinus Problems Resolved In 2 Sessions
I decided to have acupuncture after a friend told me how much it had helped her. I'd been having sinus problems for about two years which caused me headaches and bad facial pain. This in turn made me feel almost constantly tired and lethargic.

When I came home from university I googled acupuncturists in the area and phoned Emma. After my first appointment I began to feel improvements and by the second my facial pain had completely gone and I had so much more energy. Emma really listens and I can't recommend her highly enough. EH - Garstang

I Am Controlling My IBS, Instead Of It Controlling Me 
My IBS symptoms were getting me down. I had symptoms after everything I ate. I thought I was eating a healthy balanced diet and couldn't understand why I felt so awful. 

Visiting the doctors produced different prescriptions for different symptoms, I was reluctant to take the medications, and nothing I had done so far helped. I was beginning to think that maybe I was over exaggerating my symptoms and that it was all just in my head, I felt very much on my own, meeting Emma who had gone through a similar journey was just great!

The first few changes based on Emma's advice really made a difference, I am now more or less symptom free, and feel like I am controlling my IBS instead of it controlling me. I feel more energised, more awake and just generally feel good about myself and have more confidence, and I know I WILL BE IBS FREE! AJ - Garstang

13th April, 2015

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