You Did What??!!

You Did What??!!

Hi everyone, 

Well the amazing weather didn't last long did it? I love it when the sun has got his hat on!! But rain is good too, keeps the plants happy and the grass watered and there's no rainbows without rain 🌈

So in my last email I wanted to tell you about something I'd done that involved heat and fire!! 

I did something that many people can't believe, and that so many people continue to ask me about…. Are you ready… I walked on fire! I completed a firewalk!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Yep that's right, me and my shoeless, sockless size fours walked across a strip of burning hot coals at a seminar I attended in April.

Why would anyone do that I hear you say… Well up until I began my walk to where the fire walk was taking place I wasn't sure I was going to do it but then I thought of how disappointed I'd be in myself if I didn't, not doing it was no longer an option! After all it's the things we DIDN'T DO in life that cause the most regret isn't it, not the things we did!

The event I attended was about unleashing the power within, we all have the ability to do so soooo sooooooooo many things - including walking on hot coals - but fear holds us back, I unleashed the power in me that over came the fear with some techniques (to put myself in a peak state – more of this another time) and did it, I completed the firewalk woooohoooo! Afterwards I was a bit like, that was easy 😳

But the bigger purpose of the Firewalk isn't to feel amazing afterwards, it's metaphoric – it shows us that we are capable of so much more than we believe.

It also shows us that if we focus on the fear (what if I burn myself) the chances are we wont do it.

If we focus on what is to be gained by doing it (knowing I can do anything I put my mind to), think about how many people do it and don't get burnt, instead of focusing on the tiny minority that do, follow the instructions so you use the correct technique and imagine the feeling after it then there's more chance of you doing it, and it's only by doing anything you stand a chance of succeeding at it!

This metaphor can be applied to anything in life and especially health issues. Imagine two people have sciatica and they look up some treatment options,

When person A finds some treatment options the focus of their thoughts is 

What if it doesn't work

What about the cost

What about time factors

What about x,y,z,

When person B looks up the treatments the focus of their thoughts is 

Oooh look that treatment option has helped X amount of people

There's more chance of it helping me than not

I don't want to waste anymore time feeling the way I do

I'm sure I can find a way to make this work

Is person A or person B more likely to find a solution that will help them recover from sciatica? Of course it's person B as they're likely to pursue treatment and Person A isn't likely to pursue treatment.  

Fear actually holds many people back (including myself I'm not immune) from progressing in all areas of life including health, relationships, career etc. However since my firewalk I now think of things from my firewalk induced metaphoric perspective.... Is that even a grammatically correct sentence or have I made it up?... Anyway here goes...

Is the potential end result worth pursuing? (e.g. better health, better outcomes for patients, better business model etc)

Do you want to do it, Yes
Then do it!

Or is the potential end result worth pursuing?

Do you want to do it, No
Why not? X,Y,Z
Does that reason ultimately boil down to fear (most of the time is does) Yes
Remember you are capable of so much more than you believe, get yourself in a peak state overcome the fear and do it :)

Obviously this conversation with yourself/myself can go many ways that just two examples and if the outcome isn't worth pursuing that is different. The potential reason not to do something isn't always fear, other times it doesn't seem like fear, but if we break it down a lot of the time it is.

Anyway this blog is much longer than intended and it was actually supposed to be about something else too, but you'll have to wait for that next week!

I hope it helps you realise you have lots of potential and can achieve lots of things :) 

Have a lovely week, be happy, be healthy and be pain free – life is too short to be anything else!

Lots of love,

Emma & the team x

p.s. If you know anybody who would benefit from this email please free to share.

Here's a picture of me outside the big fore where they got the hot coals from for the firewalk lanes (not a great picture but selfies and the dark aren't the best combination, and of course my certificate. I do love a certificate :) 

28th June, 2017

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