sinus headaches gone!

I was suffering from debilitating sinusitis on a regular basis. All methods tried without any success. Antibiotics not an option. The process of coming to me for Acupuncture has been excellent. Full evaluation made. Explanation of treatment. Care taken. I now have no headaches and I'm sleeping great! The Acupuncture Lounge is a lovely professional environment the time is truly allocated to care of the client and a resolution of the particular problem/illness. Mrs MJ (Tarleton) 31/07/2015

Anxiety Reduced & Eczema almost Gone

I came to see Emma with low mood, anxiety and eczema. Since having treatment all symptoms in respect of mood have decreased considerably, before acupuncture these symptoms were apparent on a daily basis and this has reduced to 2-3 days per month on average. With regards to eczema, this has greatly improved and in majority of areas has all but disappeared. Mrs SS (Garstang) 26/05/2015

Shoulder Pain Gone!

I'd been suffering with anxiety, shoulder pain and digestive issues for a long time before seeing Emma. I worried that Acupuncture would be painful and that Emma would try to sell me lots of herbs! Which you didn't of course :) Going for Acupuncture has been very relaxing, I have enjoyed the treatments very much and I found the whole thing very interesting. I have no more shoulder pain anymore which I am amazed at! And I feel more relaxed. Thanks for all your help and advice, I will look forward to seeing you again. RM (Garstang) 06/05/2015

I Am now IBS Free

Before I came to see Emma I had had a particularly stressful few years, with a lot of emotional turmoil. I had a lot of feelings of self doubt and feeling trapped in a very downward cycle. My IBS symptoms were getting me down. I had symptoms after every thing I ate. I thought I was eating a healthy balanced diet, and couldn't understand why I felt so awful. Visiting the Doctors only produced prescriptions for tablets for my Acid Reflux, IBS, Post nasal drip. I was very reluctant to take these medicines, I felt that there was a link to food, but I didn't know what. I didn't have any reservations about seeing Emma, Discovering that yes there was actually something that I could do to help myself came at just the right time for me. I was beginning to feel that maybe I was over exaggerating my symptoms and that it was just all in my head! You very much feel on your own trying to make sense of what is going on in your head and with your body. Meeting Emma who had also gone through a similar journey of discovery and healing was just great! I now feel Like I am now controlling my IBS rather than it controlling me. I have discovered a new way of eating that is healthy and "do-able" which is very rewarding. I like the feeling of having more energy and feeling more wide awake and just generally feeling good about myself has given me more confidence. I have discovered that I actually have a very strong mind! When I started seeing Emma I was feeling very low, but just the first few simple food/diet/lifestyle changes soon started to make a difference, which really boost you and leaves you feeling like I WILL BE IBS FREE! There is also an added benefit of loosing a few excess pounds, my skin and nails are looking better. This is a real confidence booster which makes you want to continue on this healing journey! Mrs AJ (Catterall) 11/03/2015

Rosacea In Remission

Before I came for Acupuncture I was confused and lacking an understanding about the connectivity between different aspects of my condition and the various functions of the body. Understanding which can only come from taking a holistic view of the body. I was uncertain about whether or not Acupuncture would be an effective treatment, but it has been quite a learning experience and just as importantly a successful outcome! My original problem was the early development of rosacea which the treatment has put into remission. Other results I have got are a deeper understanding of the role of diet plus a holistic understanding of the body and the significance of the diet in contributing to a wide range of conditions. I'm really pleased I decided to give acupuncture a go as its helped me understand more about the importance of taking a holistic view of my lifestyle. Emma has a great approach that keeps you engaged and informed throughout your treatment and just as importantly gets results! I found Emma very professional but with a nice style which made me feel at ease and comfortable discussing both my specific condition plus any wider stress and energy level issues. Mr MH (Cleveleys) 16/02/2017

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