Migraines Reduced

Before starting with acupuncture I was having migraines every 7-10 days and had been like like for several months. I had associated symptoms with these and particularly struggled with fatigue from the migraines. I didn't have any reservations about trying acupuncture, I was looking forward to starting the treatment and seeing how this could improve my symptoms. Seeing Emma has been really positive for me. I felt as though the initial assessment appointments were really detailed and valuable in getting to the route of my symptoms. The acupuncture itself has always been well explained and a calming and relaxing experience. I have been having acupuncture for nearly 4 months now and have only had 3 migraines in this time. The effects were immediate and have had a really positive impact on my work and social life. Now that I am having migraines far less often I feel like my energy levels have improved and I'm not constantly worrying that I will have a migraine. Emma has also given me lots of lifestyle advice re diet etc to help with symptoms and these have also helped. If you are considering trying acupuncture I would say definitely give it a try, the experience is really positive and Emma spends a lot of time listening and getting a full picture of your health to get to the bottom of the symptoms. HR 30/11/2015

Feeling Like A Different Person - Rejuvenated, Free From Stress, Anxiety, IBS & Sleeping Better!,

Before I came to the Acupuncture Lounge for treatment I was stressed, tense and had anxiety, trouble sleeping and problems with IBS and other symptoms. After my Free Health Consultation I didn't have any reservations about going for Acupuncture, it has been a very relaxing and calming experience. All of the symptoms above seem to have been mitigated in some way or another. I've been told by my friends and work colleagues that I seem to have a smile on my face more often than not, my partner says I am a different person, and I feel rejuvenated. If you're considering acupuncture I would say go for it and give it a try - give the tablets up! Mr Robin Allen 14/10/2016

Feeling relaxed & symptom free

Just to say thank you! I can only try to put into words how grateful I am to Emma for everything she has done for me. From the very first appointment and every single step along the way, she has made me feel so special and cared for I feel like it was impossible for me to not benefit from the process even without the acupuncture bit! She always remembers the little things, from how many pillows you like to what plans you had a week last Saturday! And the little chats we would have before the relaxation part would always lift my spirits and put me in a good mood! Emma's knowledge is unbelievable and the way she explains how things work is fascinating and makes so much sense, you really start to see things a different way and realise how things within the body logically effect other parts. The acupuncture itself was an amazing experience and the most relaxing treatment I have ever had. I looked forward every week to my appointments and saw them as a real treat for myself, the health benefits and the face I am pretty much symptom free were a bonus really! I am absolutely convinced acupuncture is an amazing effective treatment that absolutely works. The way I feel just six weeks down the line was worth every penny and I truly feel that having Emma provide the service with all her knowledge and genuine care only added to this amazing experience. S Dobson 23/05/16

Anxiety gone and digestive symptoms controlled!

I can't recommend Emma enough! After just over a months worth of treatment, I feel so happy. Emma is helping me with both anxiety and Coeliacs disease and IBS. My anxiety was ridiculous 12 months ago. I can honestly say anxiety hasn't crossed my mind in well over 2 weeks. I can now enjoy life and conquer hurdles I never would have attempted in the past. My symptoms are under control and Emma is helping me develop a healthier and happier lifestyle. Her advice, support and professionalism is beyond words. Thank you Emma, you have and are giving me the ability and support to enjoy life again! Xxx S Smith 16/03/16

Back pain gone and stress levels reduced

Emma is amazing, from start to finish she made you feel relax which was a massive help. I have always suffered with a bad lower back after lifting too much heavy materials on site. This came to a bit of a head when working too hard and lifting far too much to the point where just putting my socks on in the morning was a challenge. In steps Emma, started off with acupuncture and then this advanced into cupping. Something I had only heard a little bit about but it was brilliant. No pain and now I feel great. I will be booked myself back in soon just for a stress reliever as it is amazing at getting rid of tension!!!!! Would and have recommended to many people already. This lady is going places in a big way!!! L Taylor 3/3/16 Garstang

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