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Breech baby treatment

I came for acupuncture treatment for breech baby. Emma also used moxibustion, and sent me home with what I needed to continue self treatment at home. The initial process of booking in was very easy, quick and efficient. My practitioner, Emma, went through everything step by step and I knew exactly what to expect. She is extremely knowledgeable on her area of expertise and I felt any questions I asked were answered thoroughly. It was also interesting to see how various parts of the body are linked through this treatment method. Having this treatment at The Acupuncture Lounge was a lovely experience all in all and I came away very relaxed and feeling positive. Emma was lovely and very helpful throughout my whole treatment. Miss BC (10/01/2019)

Improved sleep and reduction in muscle pain

I came to The Acupuncture Lounge for help with muscle injury, poor sleep and stress. I must admit that I was slightly worried about the process but I soon settled into the treatment sessions and it's been a good experience overall. The treatments have really helped me de-stress and helped a lot with my sleep. I went from 1-2 hours sleep a night to about 6-8 hours!. I was even falling asleep during treatment and it has helped a huge amount to relax me. Acupuncture has also helped with the muscle inflammation and strain and reduced the swelling and pain in the muscles. My overall health seemed to improve along with my mood and I felt like a new person by the end of my treatment. I would DEFINITELY recommend treatment. There is absolutely no pain or discomfort during the treatment that I worried that there might be and I would happily go again for any issues or injures. DM

Digestive issues and aching muscles brought under control

Before coming for acupuncture I was suffering from quite a long list of ailments. My muscles were very achy, my back and shoulders in particular. Also, I was experiencing various unrelenting digestive issues which were having a real impact on my everyday life. I was often feeling anxious about my health and feeling generally unwell. I wasn't sure what to expect from acupuncture before I tried it. I was open to new types of treatment for my problems and so was excited to give acupuncture a try, especially after hearing such good things about it. My main reservations however, were that the treatment might be painful, that the practitioner might not understand my problems and the treatment overall might not have any impact. Coming for acupuncture has been a real joy. It's been like going to see a good friend who listens and understands you, genuinely cares about you getting better and helps you to heal from physical complaints you are suffering from. I really can't fault the process in any way. If I had to pick one, the best result from coming for acupuncture has been the amazing progress I have made with my digestive complaints. I have gone from having severe daily issues with my digestive system to only really having problems when I stray from advice that has been given. I feel much more in control of my health now and know what I can and can't do if I want to feel fit and healthy. I'd also like to mention how my muscles aches having also improved dramatically since coming for acupuncture, I would say my muscles aches have reduced by 85- 90% in just 7 sessions. I've learnt how acupuncture is so much more than just inserting needles into one's body. Emma listens to your problems and really cares about helping you. She takes the whole situation into account and puts together a treatment plan that suits her patients specific problems. In my case, I'm so glad I chose Acupuncture to help me recover, and I'm even more happy that I chose my new good friend, Emma to help me along with my recovery. I can honestly say I'm feeling ten times better than I did before I started! PM 09/10/2014

Reduction in stress levels and improved sleep

I came to the Acupuncture Lounge for treatment for work and family related stress and suffering with poor sleep and snoring. Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment and Emma is the utmost professional. She listened and not only administered acupuncture but at times, felt like a counsellor. I felt reassured that she was concerned with my whole well being. Every treatment was wonderful and Emma is very caring and listens to her patient's needs. I cannot recommend the Acupuncture Lounge highly enough; from the email and text messages confirming appointments to the relaxing atmosphere and treatments and of course the results - my stress levels have decreased immensely and my sleep pattern is much improve. I also have a better understanding of the workings of my own body and how to look after it better. CM 13/06/2017

Relief from postnatal anxiety and increase in energy

I would just like to say a big thank you to Emma for her professionalism, her trust and her magic needles! I came to Emma as I was suffering from postnatal anxiety (I have never suffered from anxiety or depression before so this was a bit of a shock!). I received help from my GP which worked but I did not get the sense that the doctors understood the complex nature of what I was going through and I felt I needed more than medication to help me. Emma was a great listener who valued my every word and never once made me feel like what I was saying was 'stupid', she understood! The acupuncture itself was relaxing, therapeutic and most of all - it worked! -not just on my anxiety but on my whole self, my hormones actually feel balanced and I have more energy! I would definitely recommend, give it a go! EK


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