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Improved sleep

I came to The Acupuncture Lounge due to lack of sleep; this contributed to me feeling very jittery, having a very poor memory and being unable to concentrate. I felt so relaxed during the treatment and having never experienced acupuncture before I was very pleased that I tried it out. I can now sleep and function much better and many of my related symptoms have improved. I would tell anyone who is experiencing health issues that you have nothing to else and everything to gain by trying acupuncture treatment at The Acupuncture Lounge. J Holmes (Garstang) 27/02/2017

Miracle cure from virus and cough

Emma was recommended to me following no relief from conventional treatments. I felt so ill and quite rotten! My cough and virus went after 4 treatments - wonderful!! I had brilliant treatments and they cured what I went with and I certainly wouldn't hesitate to go again for help with anything. Emma is so professional and so pleasant to chat with - she seems to know exactly what your needs are. My advice to anyone considering acupuncture is; %3FOh my word, just go for it!%3F To me it's a miracle and going to The Acupuncture Lounge is such a lovely experience in very pleasant surroundings Mrs Maureen Arnfield (Leyland) 22/03/2018

Energised and relaxed at the same time

Emma, I can't thank you enough for all that you have done so far. My weekly session of acupuncture has made such a difference to me already; I love my relaxing hour at the Acupuncture Lounge and the after effects of leaving feeling refreshed, recharged and happy! I have felt a massive difference in my health and recurring illnesses and problems are most definitely starting to ease. I came for treatment at The Acupuncture Lounge as I was rather down and had recurring problems where affecting my mood quite drastically. The whole process of having treatment was a lovely, friendly happy experience and for me the best result I have gained from my treatment is knowing there are other options for me - I do not need to rely on regular medication to fight my condition. Acupuncture makes me happy, it gives me energy, yet relaxes me at the same time - INCREDIBLE!! Never let fears or doubts hold you back from trying something that could, quite literally, turn your life around in such a positive and natural way. And for those scared of needles - it really doesn't hurt! Mrs KL 24/08/2016

Walking unaided and without pain with a happier outlook on life

I hobbled into The Acupuncture Lounge on crutches with a torn ligament in my knee - unable to walk unaided. The swelling under my knee began to reduce and the pain on walking was better after each treatment. After my course of treatment, I can now walk easily on the flat without swelling or pain, something which I haven't been able to do for a long time. I had had Acupuncture before from a Physiotherapist but not Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture - I found it amazing. I really looked forward to my treatments - the process is calming and relaxing and the staff are so lovely, kind and professional. There is always a lovely, calming atmosphere and Emma is so knowledgeable. She is a wonderful healer and I finished my treatment feeling calmer, less stressed, happier with life and more positive. I have had amazing results - thank you. Mrs DG (Garstang) 30/08/2017

List of problems that have been treated successfully

When I came to The Acupuncture Lounge, I had a whole list of things I needed help with! My health was not good; I was struggling with knee pain which restricted my movement, had reduced energy levels, stress was a problem and my digestive system was not working as it should be. The process of coming for treatment was easy; well organised and an all round good experience. I want to thank Emma for helping me - all of the ailments that I came to her with have been treated successfully and this has massively improved my quality of life.My course of treatment has left me feeling less stressed, so much calmer and chilled. Mrs SG 16/06/2016

Special Offer


Thank you for thinking of me to help you to feel Happier, Healthier or Pain Free. 

I'm afraid I am not taking on new patients at the moment as I am fully booked with existing patients.

I have made the decision to close my waiting list until I have more appointment availability. Once I am in a position to take on new patients/reopen the waiting list I will update the Online Booking Page. 

Please check back at a future date if you wish to become a patient of mine.

I'm so sorry I can't help you at the moment.

Wishing you Health & Happiness,

Emma x

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