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Relief from pelvic, groin and back pain with relaxing treatments

Before coming to Emma for treatment, I'd been suffering pelvic, groin and back pain for approx 4 years. After countless hospital tests and scans, nothing had actually been diagnosed and I'd also received Physio and Osteopathy treatment all without much success. I was looking for relief to my problems and I was running out of ideas. I knew virtually nothing about acupuncture and what was involved so I suppose the idea of using needles may have deterred me. This proved to be an unnecessary reservation, as my treatment was absolutely painless, I can only say having acupuncture treatment has been excellent. From my first appointment to my last Emma has shown a deep interest in my condition,explaining in detail about each treatment and also being an avid listener and showing much patience. I've felt totally relaxed at every visit. Please give it a go, out of all of the various treatments I've received in the past from different health professionals I've found that acupuncture has benefitted me most. Mr BB 24/08/2016

Relief from 20 years of shoulder and neck pain

I went to see Emma with some long standing issues (over 15/20 years!) after trying nearly every other different method to get some pain relief. Following a course of treatment on my shoulder/neck/elbow I'm delighted to say my pain and discomfort levels have reduced by 80% and some days I'm pain free. I used to take painkillers regularly but since treatment I can't remember the last time I took any. The other issue that I have had treatment for: I used to take a prescription drug every 2 to 3 days. Since treatment and diet advice from Emma, I have only had to take 2 tablets in 7 weeks... AMAZING! Emma is totally professional, very caring, makes you feel at ease and you feel she is in tune with how you feel. After being a bit sceptical before coming to The Acupuncture Lounge, I would definitely recommend Emma and acupuncture - don't leave it to the last option like I did. Mr IB 26/11/2015

Painfree and improved sleep without medication

I came to the Acupuncture Lounge for help with pain and after my course of treatment left the building painfree! I also slept through the night for the first time in 3 months without taking any medication. I have learned a lot more about Acupuncture in the process of my treatment and I am glad to be so much better. Rebeka is very knowledgeable about her subject and I was extremely pleased with how empathic she was. She is also very careful and professional. She is extremely personable as a person and I really liked her, but most of all I trusted her. I would certainly recommend her to others most highly and I would say %3FGo for it%3F, as I certainly found it beneficial. I would be very happy to be treated by her again, so I may well be back!! Mrs SH 16/10/2017

Pain relief and able to walk whilst suffering with neuropathy

Before I came for Acupuncture I was a little anxious and had fear of the unknown; however, the process of coming has been excellent! I have been treated with kindness, care and respect on every visit; from the warm welcome on arrival to leaving after treatment. I have felt contented, relaxed and happy and all the staff are keen to ensure that there is a tranquil atmosphere for patients to enjoy. I decided to come for treatment because I had run out of conventional options and I was in extreme pain. I suffered from neuropathy, dizziness and trouble with balance and so being able to actually walk steadily from the treatment room to the car after my treatment and having pain relief was a great result. Rebeka always treated me with a gentle, encouraging manner and we soon built up an extremely good rapport. She went way above and beyond what was expected doing lots of research into my neuropathy, in her own time. You may have preconceptions in your mind about the size of the needles and the discomfort - you will be amazed how wrong these thoughts are! The treatment will give you confidence and a sense of well being, no matter what your ailment is. DON'T HESITATE - JUST GO FOR IT! Mrs MP (Hambleton) 29/08/17

Shoulder Problem relived & Sleep improved

Before I came for Acupuncture my situation wasn't great I had a chronic right shoulder muscle problem/strain that was aggravated by driving and playing golf to the extent that I could not sleep on my left side without the strain either preventing me getting to sleep at all or waking me up quite quickly. It was also there during waking hours so it was just a major nuisance that needed sorting. Despite a series of physio treatments which did reduce the problem but it kept returning. I was a little sceptical about acupuncture until the effects of my 1st treatment were immediately obvious. I've found the process of coming for Acupuncture Great, it was Very professional, friendly and the pre treatment session to identify not just the ongoing problem but the causes of that problem were very reassuring. I felt completely informed at each step of the process, Patricia was my practitioner and she was absolutely professional. Throughout my treatments she was constantly wanting to understand my progress. Particularly regarding how my sleep was improving (and it was and continues to be a lot better). Not only has it produced relief from the problem, my sleep is better and I am more aware of things I can do to maintain that situation. I now know that there is a treatment system that can and will provide long standing relief from my shoulder/back discomfort - and its on my doorstep - peace of mind really. To anyone who is considering trying acupuncture, I would say Absolutely give it a go, I was unsure and so much better for "giving it a go". I would thoroughly recommend the Acupuncture Lounge treatments to anyone. The depth of the pre-treatment interview/assessment was an indication of the treatment I subsequently received. Professional, targeted and successful - what more can anyone ask? Mr ET (Garstang) 22/06/2017

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