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Rosacea In Remission

Before I came for Acupuncture I was confused and lacking an understanding about the connectivity between different aspects of my condition and the various functions of the body. Understanding which can only come from taking a holistic view of the body. I was uncertain about whether or not Acupuncture would be an effective treatment, but it has been quite a learning experience and just as importantly a successful outcome! My original problem was the early development of rosacea which the treatment has put into remission. Other results I have got are a deeper understanding of the role of diet plus a holistic understanding of the body and the significance of the diet in contributing to a wide range of conditions. I'm really pleased I decided to give acupuncture a go as its helped me understand more about the importance of taking a holistic view of my lifestyle. Emma has a great approach that keeps you engaged and informed throughout your treatment and just as importantly gets results! I found Emma very professional but with a nice style which made me feel at ease and comfortable discussing both my specific condition plus any wider stress and energy level issues. Mr MH (Cleveleys) 16/02/2017

Sciatica Resolved & Feeling Stress Free

Wish I'd gone years ago! After suffering for months with painful Sciatica, to which physiotherapy and painkillers provided no relief, I decided to go to the Acupuncture Lounge. I was immediately impressed with Emma's knowledge, her friendliness and her overall professionalism. After completing the health questionnaire, Emma identified, quite correctly, that in addition to the Sciatica I was also under a high level of stress. Emma therefore recommended a course of treatment which would simultaneously treat both conditions. After only 3 sessions my Sciatica had gone and my sleeping had greatly improved. As the treatment went on my stress levels reduced dramatically, even to to the point where my family and my work colleagues commented on the the change in me. The treatment itself I found to be very relaxing, so much so that I would often fall asleep. Emma has a wonderful caring nature and will make you feel like you're her only patient! She has an extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine subject and can also offer advice on diet or lifestyle changes. I can thoroughly recommend her. T. Fielding (Garstang) 24/03/2017

Completely Free Of Pain!

DON'T HESITATE! I went to the Acupuncture Lounge of my own volition after various G.P.s and Consultants had failed to identify my particular problem. It was evident from the start that the Lounge was professionally run. I completed a very comprehensive questionnaire on my medical history, which enabled the acupuncturist [Emma Kemp] to formulate a treatment plan. Over a period of weeks Emma targeted particular areas of my body which provided me with considerable relief from pain. Having gone back to my G.P. to inform him of my experience with acupuncture, he did some research, and I eventually received a definitive diagnosis. In the light of this, Emma was able to provide very specific treatment, and after two or three further sessions I was completely free of pain. I found the overall experience very pleasant and relaxing. Acupuncture doesn't hurt despite needles being inserted into your body. Emma is a kind and caring person. She has an excellent knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in general. She is a good listener and remembers what you have previously discussed. She is also very good at explaining what is happening in your body and what the proposed treatment will do. She provides ready advice on such things as diet, vitamin supplements and improvements you can make to your lifestyle. I have no hesitation in recommending the Acupuncture Lounge to you. You will not be disappointed. Mrs Wendy Atkinson (Garstang) 3/03/2017

Fibromyalgia Pain Gone, 10lb Weight Loss & Lovely Soft Skin

Before I came for Acupuncture I was in a lot of pain with my back and fibromyalgia and sinuses and my energy was very low, I also had lots of spots on my back. I didn't have any reservations about having acupuncture as I had tried it before a few years ago. The process of coming to Emma for Acupuncture has been a very pleasant experience and very relaxing, Emma makes you very welcome. Since starting acupuncture my energy levels have improved a lot by taking Emma's advice and altering my diet I have lost 10lb in weight, and its still going down. My pain is a lot more manageable as well. So far I have had 7 treatments, I have another 5 to go and I will be keeping it up at least once a month after that. I am pleased with the weight loss, my spots have cleared up and I cannot get over how my skin is now very soft instead of being as ruff as sand paper, it has been the best choice I have made to have Acupuncture. Mrs PS 19/04/2015

5 years of Shoulder and Knee Pain Resolved

5 years ago I began suffering with long-term pain especially in my lower back and neck. I was on strong painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets so I could keep on functioning but my condition became worse. I was eventually retired early due to ill-health (osteoarthritis). I tried various treatments such as physiotherapy but it did not help that much. My neck and shoulders were constantly tensed up and inflexible. I had chronic back pain and my knees would sometimes swell up. Acupuncture has been a very pleasant experience. I felt better after every session and the fact that Emma concentrated on all my troublesome joints in turn has been great. I felt very relaxed and comfortable during treatment which I think is important. The 'cupping on my neck and shoulders certainly made a difference, loosening up my shoulder muscles. I can't remember any shoulder pain since that time. I have also had no further problems with my knees since your treatment. My neck and lower back still trouble me on occasions but certainly not as bad as it used to be. I very rarely now use Paracetamol or anti-inflammatory tablets for joint pain. I think that Acupuncture has also provided a psychological lift as I feel much happier these last few months. To anyone who is considering trying acupuncture I would strongly advise them to give it a try. I would also advise them to give it a fair crack of the whip as it may not work immediately for everyone. Emma I appreciate very much all you've done to help me during this time. KJ Preston 01/02/2016

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