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Back pain gone and stress levels reduced

Emma is amazing, from start to finish she made you feel relax which was a massive help. I have always suffered with a bad lower back after lifting too much heavy materials on site. This came to a bit of a head when working too hard and lifting far too much to the point where just putting my socks on in the morning was a challenge. In steps Emma, started off with acupuncture and then this advanced into cupping. Something I had only heard a little bit about but it was brilliant. No pain and now I feel great. I will be booked myself back in soon just for a stress reliever as it is amazing at getting rid of tension!!!!! Would and have recommended to many people already. This lady is going places in a big way!!! L Taylor 3/3/16 Garstang

I went from only being able to walk 300 yards, to completing 1 and 3/4 mile castle walk!

Two years ago I was diagnosed with degeneration of the spine, which curtailed my hobby of walking. Following various treatments of Physiotherapy, wearing corsets and exercises I was still the same and was advised to try acupuncture. The offer of a free health consultation from Emma Kemp was too good to miss (what did I have to lose - nothing) Walking through the entrance to the lounge in bridge street was refreshing and to meet Emma for the first time, I soon found a young lady who was kind, courteous, considerate, compassionate, professional and had a sense of humour. I had only walked 300 yards of a 1 and 3/4 mile walk I desperately wanted to do, and despite interruptions because I had pneumonia and had a lung infection (yes Emma helped that too) with the help from Emma and the treatment, I managed the whole walk, and as Tina Turner says "Simply The Best", well I think Emma Kemp is simply the best. G Doyle 23/08/16 Leyland

Arm, Elbow, Neck & Shoulder Pain Completely Gone!

Before I came to see Emma for Acupuncture I had lots of aches and pains, mainly in my arm and my elbow joint, along with back and neck pain, and shoulder tension. I'd had a bad bout of pain similar to it many years ago that resulted in me being in bed unable to do anything. I didn't want the same to happen again. After each session of acupuncture my pain reduced, and by the 5th session I only had some pain in my elbow joint, and after 10 sessions I am completely pain free. I found acupuncture very beneficial, relaxing and restorative, and I am looking forward to some monthly treatments for maintenance and relaxation. Mrs ML

Nerve Sensations Normalised, and Walking Improved!

Following surgery for bowel cancer I was left with a major problem with my right leg. The muscle co-ordination was very poor, the leg was hypersensitive and I had to use crutches to walk. Seeing Emma has been a very pleasant experience. She has been very considerate, sympathetic and always strives to achieve the best results and is willing to go the extra mile. I was worried that acupuncture wouldn't work in my situation, however I found the who experience most helpful, and relaxing. I can now walk with the aid of a stick and the normal feeling and sensations have returning in my right leg. I can without hesitation recommend the services of Emma to anyone in need of Acupuncture Mr SW

Digestive Problems Under Control & Aching Muscles Reduced Significantly in 7 Treatments

Before I started seeing Emma for Acupuncture, my main problems were digestive issues and aching muscles. I was desperate to find a type of treatment that would help me recover from these problems and help me to get my life back. I'm pleased to say that I found the treatment I was looking for. I have gone from having severe daily issues with my digestive system to only really having problems when I stray from Emma's advice. I feel much more in control of my health now and know what I can and can't do if I want to feel fit and healthy. I'd also like to mention here how my muscles aches have also improved dramatically since coming for acupuncture, I would say my muscles aches have reduced by 85%- 90% in just 7 sessions. I can honestly say I'm feeling ten times better than I did before I started! I've learnt how Acupuncture is so much more than just inserting needles into ones body. Emma listens to your problems and really cares about helping you. She takes the whole situation into account and puts together a treatment plan that suits her patients specific problems. In my case, I'm so glad I chose Acupuncture to help me recover, and I'm even more happy that I chose my new good friend, Emma to help me along with my recovery Mr PM

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Thank you for thinking of me to help you to feel Happier, Healthier or Pain Free. 

I'm afraid I am not taking on new patients at the moment as I am fully booked with existing patients.

I have made the decision to close my waiting list until I have more appointment availability. Once I am in a position to take on new patients/reopen the waiting list I will update the Online Booking Page. 

Please check back at a future date if you wish to become a patient of mine.

I'm so sorry I can't help you at the moment.

Wishing you Health & Happiness,

Emma x

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