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2 Year History of Sinus Problems Resolved in 2 Treatments

I decided to have acupuncture after a friend told me how much it had helped her. I'd been having sinus problems for about two years which caused me headaches and bad facial pain. This in turn made me feel almost constantly tired and lethargic. When I came home from university I googled acupuncturists in the area and phoned Emma. After my first appointment I began to feel improvements and by the second my facial pain had completely gone and I had so much more energy. Emma really listens and I can't recommend her highly enough. Miss EH

Back Pain Gone After 1 Treatment

"Every winter I find myself suffering from back pain, I came to see Emma and was treated with Acupuncture and heat, I found the treatment very relaxing and the back pain went after just one treatment. Emma also gave me some advice to stop it returning next year which I will follow. Hopefully it won't come back but if it does I will be straight back to see her. Thank you."


Shoulder Pain Reduced Significantly In 10 Treatments

"I'd just like to say thank you. Following the course of 10 treatments I feel so much better, thank you for taking the time to listen and understand then explain how the treatment would work and what will happen at each stage. I would recommend you to anybody with any physical problems, aches or pains about arranging treatment."

Mrs NM

I Could Drive Again Without Pain

"I drive a modified vehicle with a steering wheel spinner knob. I was getting pain in my forearm whilst driving that was getting progressively worse. In addition I was not able to put any weight through my hand without experiencing the pain. I had 3 treatments with Emma and the pain disappeared completely. Emma also gave me tips on how to prevent a recurrence."


Now Able to Lift and Hold My Head Up

"18 months ago I found I was unable to hold my head up, it was making breathing difficult and I was also suffering from high blood pressure. In the last twelve months having had a chest X-Ray, ECG, MRI scan, Physiotherapy and an Asthma test, to be told it was wear and tear in my neck, and there was nothing that could be done came as a shock. I wasn't prepared to go through the rest of my life not able to lift my head up, so decided to give Acupuncture a try. Emma has been treating me for a few months. She listens, and explains why she puts the needles where she does. It doesn't hurt, and isn't frightening. My blood pressure is now spot on, and my head stays up longer, I'm certainly getting better instead of being written off. I look forward to my visit every week. Going to Emma it's like having a new friend. If you decide to go for Acupuncture go in socks not tights, as I did on my first visit. This is a truthful account of how much I have been helped."

Mrs EM

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Thank you for thinking of me to help you to feel Happier, Healthier or Pain Free. 

I'm afraid I am not taking on new patients at the moment as I am fully booked with existing patients.

I have made the decision to close my waiting list until I have more appointment availability. Once I am in a position to take on new patients/reopen the waiting list I will update the Online Booking Page. 

Please check back at a future date if you wish to become a patient of mine.

I'm so sorry I can't help you at the moment.

Wishing you Health & Happiness,

Emma x

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